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Toronto mop factory that's been abandoned for 30 years selling for $850K

For a whopping $850,000, you can buy an old factory in Toronto that's sat abandoned for three decades.

The property at 627A Durie St., located off Runnymede Road, has just been put up for sale after being used as storage since the 1990s.

627a durie st toronto

The property at 627A Durie St. was built in 1945. Photo via Realtor.ca.

In fact, the 71-year-old brick house that currently sits on the 2,200-square-foot lot has never served as a residence. There are no bedrooms inside. 

According to property owners, 627A Durie St. was built in 1945 as a factory for textiles and mops. 

It hasn't been used for the last 30 years, and has served as a place for the owners, who live elsewhere, to keep their stuff.

627a durie st toronto

The house has been abandoned for three decades and used a storage. Photo via Realtor.ca.

"We wanted to convert into a laneway property for us to live in, but we've gotten too busy and are buying outside of the city," said the owners via the property's real estate broker, Mark Howarth.

Unlike its neighbouring properties at 625 and 627 Durie St., whose front doors face the main residential road, the house in question is landlocked at the rear, by the laneway.

There are no photos of the interior included in the listing because, according to Howarth, there's nothing to see.

627a durie st toronto

The brick house has never actually served as a residence in its 71 years of existence. Photo via Realtor.ca.

"The interior is completely unfinished – exposed framing and structure. Basically just a rudimentary manufacturing structure turned storage facility," says Howarth. 

The real value is in the property, which has potential for a new home spanning up to 2,000 square feet, once this old factory is torn down — just cough up $60K down payment and money to build the thing.

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