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New sustainable townhouses in Toronto will use half the energy of traditional developments

A new townhouse complex currently under construction in the Regent Park area of Toronto will allow residents to live "fossil fuel-free" once completed thanks to a wide range of sustainable lifestyle and construction technologies. 

The complex, called Field House EcoUrban Towns, is being developed by The Daniels Corporation at River Street and Wyatt Avenue and will bear an "EcoUrban" stamp in order to indicate that it supports a fossil fuel-free living experience.

Overall, it's expected to use 52 per cent less energy than the developer's traditional townhouse complex.

"Daniels is determined to give home owners the power to reduce their contribution to climate change without demanding dramatic changes to their lifestyle.  By utilizing new construction technologies and innovative lifestyle features, EcoUrban communities will allow buyers to dramatically reduce their carbon output," reads a statement about the new development.

The complex is currently under construction with occupancies expected in less than a year, and it will eventually feature 24 three-storey townhomes ranging in size from 1,319 square feet to just over 1,700 square feet.  

Field House will emit 89 per cent fewer greenhouse gases than Daniels' traditional townhomes, and it will reduce energy costs by 11 per cent.

Approximately 18 per cent of the development's energy needs will be supplied by the integrated solar panel array, located on the roof of the complex.

The homes will use all electric building systems, low VOC paint, high efficiency heat pumps, triple glazed windows, low flow faucets, and single flush low consumption toilets to accomplish the reduced emissions.

Suite hydro and water will also be individually metered using "Smart Meter" technologies.

"We know there are a lot of people out there who are concerned about climate change and want to do their part, but don't know where to start. Buildings are responsible for 45% of Toronto's greenhouse gas emissions and so by offering people a new kind of home that allows one to live fossil fuel free, we're trying provide a meaningful way for today's homeowner to take action and be part of the solution to today's climate crisis" said Adam Molson, director of project implementation, in a statement. 

"Daniels' decision to design and build our EcoUrban communities, where climate impact is one of the first considerations playing a key role in their planning, design and construction, makes it easier for those who want to do the right thing."

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The Daniels Corporation

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