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Rental of the week: 705 King Street West

This apartment at first glance looks amazing. It's in a nice condo building on King West with amenities like an outdoor pool and BBQ area. 705 king street west torontoThere's a full kitchen, nice new bathroom and windows!

705 king street west torontoI know windows shouldn't make me excited but honestly after looking at terrible rentals for this long I realize windows are a luxury in this city. 

705 king street west torontoThe condo also has air conditioning, a dishwasher and comes fully furnished for the reasonable price of $975 a month.

705 king street west torontoAt least that's what the first glance of the listing lead me to believe. 

705 king street west torontoAnd then you notice the weird curtain in the middle of the room. When they said "room for rent" they meant room... as in physical space. Not bedroom. 

And while I've only ever been admitted to a hospital twice, neither of those times did a "privacy" curtain give me any actual privacy. 

Sure, you might not see me naked but you could still hear everything the doctor was saying! Also if you really wanted to see me naked you probably could, there was a gap.   

705 king street west torontoWhat I'm trying to say is a curtain doesn't equal a freaking wall plus door!

You can't just split your living room in two and call it a bedroom. That's not how it works.

Also let's just all take a moment and reflect on how insane $975 a month for not-an-acutal-bedroom is. It's almost funny if you don't think about it too hard. 

And who gets the single bed and who gets the futon? Both suck but in different ways so it's a real toss up on which side of the curtain would be better and give you more bang for your $975 a month. 705 king street west toronto

  • Address: 705 King St. W
  • Type: Room
  • Rent: $975 /month 
  • Furnished? Yes
  • Utilities: Unknown
  • Air conditioning? Yes
  • Bedrooms: “Room”
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Parking: No
  • Laundry? Probably
  • Outdoor space? No
  • Pet friendly? No
Good For

Getting to know your roommate intimately, whether you wanted to or not.   

Move On If

A privacy curtain as a wall is a “deal breaker”. 705 king street west toronto

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