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Rental of the week: somewhere around Queen and Spadina

I don't think you get to call a place a loft when it's essentially an oversized cat jungle gym that doesn't look very sturdy.

According to the listing (now deleted), this apartment is in the "last downtown warehouse." After a quick Google search, I'm still not clear about the exact location of the building or the validity of that statement.

I don't know if they mean the last functioning warehouse, the restaurant/bar Warehouse or just the last warehouse building.

queen spadina torontoIf this place is above the bar Warehouse on Queen Street, that's a nightmare. That place is so loud. All. The. Time. Enjoy not sleeping on your cat jungle gym!

If it's the last functioning warehouse, in other words still manufacturing something, can you legally live there? Or is this a squatter's place?

queen spadina torontoIt kind of looks like one, and if that's the case, why are they charging $800 a month in rent? That completely defeats the purpose of squatting, one would think. 

queen spadina torontoEither way—if the potentially precarious legal status of this place doesn't put you off, surely the bright orange and yellow wall paint will.

queen spadina torontoI think they were trying to go for an accent wall, but they definitely messed up. One mistake was with colour choice and the other was the fact that there should only be one accent wall. Instead, you have an orange, a white, a yellow, and a black wall all haphazardly painted around the tiny studio. 

queen spadina torontoBut, if you can live with the technicolour walls, then how about the rickety staircase up to the "loft" which has one of those metal bars I've only ever seen in washrooms for balance? Side note: did they steal that from a public bathroom? queen spadina torontoStill think this place is great? Sure, it's hard to pass up $800 rent. But just consider for a minute that the bathroom doesn't have a shower.

queen spadina torontoThere only seems to be a bathtub with a shower head, and there isn't a stand to put the shower head on.

So, you're going to have to hold the shower head above you as you try to clean yourself, while also not drenching the entire bathroom with errant shower spray because there aren't any shower curtains.

You just try and wash yourself with one hand! (Anyone who has had a broken arm knows how hard this can be).

  • Address: somewhere on Queen St. W
  • Type: Studio
  • Rent: $800/ month
  • Furnished? No
  • Utilities: No
  • Air conditioning? No
  • Bedrooms: carpeted piece of wood (read: loft)
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Parking: No
  • Laundry? No
  • Outdoor space? No
  • Pet friendly? No info – but there’s a dog in one of the pictures so... maybe? But, you can probably assume "no."queen spadina toronto
Good For

Turning your bathroom into a pool every time you take a shower.  

Move On If

You'd rather not try your luck with squatting. queen spadina toronto

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