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Rental of the week: somewhere across from Shoppers World

Apparently this unit was renovated seven months ago. Exactly what was renovated remains a mystery, because you'd think if you renovated a place, you'd at least put the kitchen cabinet doors on right side up.

somewhere in bramptonThe knobs are on the bottom of the bottom cabinets. Who does that?! You either have to always bend down to open them, claw at them from the top or become extremely dexterous with opening doors with your feet. All those scenarios seem super annoying.

It's just inconvenient enough, that after three months of living here, you'd have an absolute breakdown while trying to get a bowl for your cereal, because that's really all you can make in this kitchen. Why?Because of course, this place doesn't have a proper oven, just a really tragic hot plate.

somewhere in bramptonAfter closer examination, I figured out what happened with the cabinets. They used a top set of cabinets and then flipped it upside down, so it's now a set of bottom cabinets, then added some faux-marble contact paper to make a countertop.

That's not renovation, that's just terrible DIY. Just because you watch all the home reno shows on HGTV, doesn't mean you can actually redo a kitchen.  

somewhere in bramptonThis place also comes with some interesting rules.

For example, the listing says you're only allowed to do laundry once a week. I'm not sure how this works logistically…do you need to ask permission before you do laundry every week? Is there a Google calendar with acceptable laundry days? What happens if you need to do laundry more than once a week? Can you negotiate an extra laundry day? I have so many questions! 

Now there are two different price options for this dump in Brampton.

One is $1,100 a month for unfurnished—already pretty unreasonable for a place where you have to open your kitchen cabinets with your toes.

But, if you want the place furnished, it's $1,300 a month. What do you get for an extra $200 a month, you ask? I'm so glad you asked because for $200 you get a mattress on the floor and a camping chair.

What. A. Deal.

  • Address: near Shoppers World
  • Type: Bachelor
  • Rent: $1,100/ month
  • Furnished? $1,300 / month
  • Utilities: No
  • Air conditioning?
  • Bedrooms: 0
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Parking: No
  • Laundry? Available once a week
  • Outdoor space? No.
  • Pet friendly? No—the landlord has severe allergies
Good For

Someone who wants to be ambipedal—ambidextrous but with your feet in case you were wondering.

Move On If

You don't consider a camping chair from Wal-Mart furniture, or you refuse to let a landlord dictate when you can or can't do laundry.somewhere in brampton

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