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New map charts GTA home prices by GO station

With the average house in Toronto now priced at roughly $1,320,333 and most jobs now concentrated downtown, it's impossible for many young adults in the city to buy houses near where they work.

If you don't want to rent, and a condo is too small for whatever you've got planned in life, well, there's always the suburbs (if you're lucky) and far-flung, smaller cities like Oshawa, Cooksville, Acton or Barrie.

You can find a full-on house with its own backyard in some of these cities for less than the cost of a tiny skybox in downtown Toronto, but you'll pay for it with your time — up to an hour and 45 minutes each way for work in some locations.

A report released on Tuesday by real estate brokerage Zoocasa shows how much it will cost you, on average, to buy a place within 2 kilometres of all 66 GO Train stations on the Metrolinx network.

Based on information from local real estate boards and commute times with a "weekday arrival at Union Station around 8:30 a.m.," Zoocasa's map lays out in plain sight your time vs. money prospects.

Unsurprisingly, the farther away from downtown Toronto a GO station tends to be, the more bang for your buck you'll get as a homebuyer.

Houses around West Harbour Station near Hamilton were found to be cheapest, at an average price of $365,927 with a transit commute of 71 minutes. Kitchener Station was next with a whopping 111-minute commute and homes priced at $403,907.

The least affordable homes near a train station can be found in King City, which is 43 minutes away by GO transit but boasts an average home price of $1,595,656. Port Credit Station takes second place with average home prices around $1,361,029 and a speedy commute time of just 25 minutes.

View the entire map in its full size right here to start thinking about how much your time is actually worth.

go transit home prices

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