18A westmount park road

House of the week: 18A Westmount Park Road

This house was featured in 2017, but it's on the market again. It's just as dreamy as it was two years ago, but now a little cheaper; only about $1 million cheaper, but still cheaper!18A westmount park roadThis house has been going on and off the market since May 2017 when it was first listed for over $10 million. Clearly, that was way too pricey, so it's steadily dropped to just over $7.5 million. What a steal! (Kidding). 

18A westmount park roadThe home is beautiful with the modern features, the huge floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over the ravine and all the luxury finishes.

18A westmount park roadThe house comes fully loaded with all the toys. From being a Smart Home that you can control with your iPhone to having a spa and hot tub area, this place has it all.

18A westmount park roadOn the main floor you have your kitchen, living and dining areas. The kitchen is ideal for hosting large dinner parties. It has top-of-the-line appliances and stylish cabinetry.

18A westmount park roadThere are four bedrooms above ground. Obviously, the master bedroom is the most stunning.

18A westmount park roadThe huge windows, the walk-out balcony, the massive closet and the spa-like en suite with a bathtub that looks more like a jacuzzi are all spectacular.

18A westmount park roadBut, the big draw to this place is the outdoor space. There's over an acre of space and most of it is lush forest, which looks beautiful no matter what the season.

18A westmount park roadCouple that with the 7,000 square feet of deck space, and a large in-ground pool. You won't even need a cottage!18A westmount park road

Good For

Privacy. Bring nestled in and amongst the wooded area gives you a sense of seclusion and privacy that's almost impossible to come by, unless you leave the city.18A westmount park road

Move On If

You’re not a fan of nature. This house is literally in a greenbelt conservation area, so if you don’t like the wild things you’re gonna hate it here.  18A westmount park road

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Sotheby's International Realty 

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