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This is what a $1.5 million house looks like in Toronto vs other cities

Real estate in Toronto has experienced some serious cooling off this month—one of the largest drops in home sales in months, in fact. But that doesn't mean prices are going down, and with fewer homes in the market than ever, a starting budget of $1.5 million will afford you a comfortable home that falls just short of luxurious. 

Here's what a $1.5 million home in Toronto looks like vs. other cities. 

Toronto - $1,499,900 CAD

Just a stone's throw from High Park subway station, this three-bedroom detached has a fully reclaimed basement. The fact that it's just three minutes away from one of the largest, most scenic parks in the city is a big plus.

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Vancouver - $1,499,000 CAD

This cozy Colonial Revival home built in 1908 sits in Kensingon-Cedar Cottage, one of the younger and most diverse neighbourhoods in East Vancouver. It may look small from the outside, but this is a six-bedroomer, with a porch outside to enjoy those warm B.C. nights. 

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Ottawa - $1,499,000 CAD 

If you're trying to live the life of the landlord, this Sandy Hill triplex might be the perfect investment. All units here are leased until April 2019, but not like you'd have trouble finding tenants anyway: it's just a ten-minute walk from the University of Ottawa. 

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Chicago, Illinois - $1,498,767 CAD

Just steps from all the restaurants on  bustling West Lawrence Ave, this three-bedroom home is tucked into the very hip, very family-friendly neighbourhood of Ravenswood. It's also just a stone's throw from the Brown Line. 

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Miami, Florida - $1,498,900 CAD

The price of this three-bedroom has gone down about $15K USD since August, so if you're looking for a massive property, now's the time. Spanning 1.76-acres, this Spanish-style villa comes with a fenced off property, circular drive, and tons of schools nearby. 

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Los Angeles, California - $1,498,900 CAD

This mid-city Mediterranean-style home has three bedrooms, hardwood floors, a fireplace in the living room, and a pool in the back. There's also a driveway—L.A. is definitely a driving kind of city—but note that the garage has been converted into two office spaces. 

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Tinos, Greece - $1,501,376 CAD

This incredible stone villa in the Cyclades Islands is just steps from the beaches of the Aegean Sea. The whole property comes with six beautiful bedrooms with arched entrances, each with its own sea view, and in the garden comes a studio with an Orthodox church. 

real estate torontoNice, France - $1,499,860 CAD

Head to the outskirts of Nice in the St. Isidore area to reach this four-bedroom villa. Proximity to the Ligurian Sea affords views of the sea mountain. There's also a pool, terrace, and a garden, along with a balcony in the master bedroom and basement garage.

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