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You can take part in some bizarre experiments at Casa Loma this month

Mind-blowing hijinx has Casa Loma now hosting a series of magic performances, where you and the rest of the audience get to be in on the experiments. 

State of Mind - The Illusion of Choice is a show that promises to dismantle your entire sense of reason and make you consider the infinite possibilities of life. 

The evening is dedicated to being an "exciting celebration of human consciousness" and "a magical blend of mystery, music, and daring."

You will first travel through the castle's tunnels towards a newly designed theatre space. Across separate stages you see two unique performances all about sparking psychological wonder. 

The first part, Miraculum, happens in Casa Loma's Carriage Room.  Mentalist Lawrence Larouche entices you with mystery into participating in several experiments. Larouche hopes to reignite the sense of astonishment and wonder inadvertently left behind in adulthood. 

Jeff Kaylor calls himself a "creator of magical moments," with a shrimp as his signature mark. His last production was at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles so expect Kaylor to lean into his Hollywood-style production. His specialty is close-up illusions with fast-paced sleight of hand tricks. 

Casa Loma hosts State of Mind - The Illusion of Choice is on Thursday through Sundays, through April 30, with three showtimes at 6:30, 7:00 and 7:30 p.m. You can book visit on Casa Loma's event page

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