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Toronto is getting a massive new Filipino street festival this summer

Fun Philippines is a new street festival coming to Toronto this summer, featuring tons of food vendors, carnival rides and cultural installations for visitors to enjoy.

Organized by the Philippine Legacy and Cultural Alliance (PLACA), the festival will offer an exciting, in-depth look into Filipino culture and diversity.

“[The Philippines] is a tropical archipelago of over 7000 islands,” explained PLACA Executive Director Teresa Torralba. “There are so many different dialects, cultures and cuisines - it’s really like Canada in how multicultural it is.”

The street festival will not only focus on food, but will have cultural installations and performances meant to showcase the country’s diverse offerings. It aims to educate both Filipino and non-Filipino visitors on the history and diversity of the Philippines.

“There will be more interactive and engaging activities that visitors can participate in. Instead of just making it about food, the goal of Fun Philippines is to really showcase the Philippines as a country,” said Teresa.

Fun Philippines will take place on July 23 and 24 on Bathurst St. and Wilson Ave in North York

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Ron Quitoriano

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