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A Toronto neighbourhood just got a magical new outdoor lights spectacle

A magical new outdoor lights spectacle is coming to a Toronto neighbourhood to lift spirits and get people out of the house during a normally gloomy time of year.

Manager for the Leslieville BIA Dominic Cobran told blogTO that they've always "struggled with animating dead zones," but that the "issue has been exacerbated by COVID." The BIA has previously done installations like murals in parklets, but wanted to show the community some more love right now.

"We sort of figured that in any case this is usually a slow time when people aren't out and about as much, even pre-COVID. We wanted to say thanks to the community and local businesses, this community has really rallied around businesses," says Cobran.

To do so, they've created a lights spectacle in a small lot east of Leslie on the south side of Queen. A collection of displays that includes arches, benches, stars and angel-like figures was installed by the BIA in underutilized space provided by Condoman Developments.

They wanted to put it up around Valentine's and Family Day as a show of love and to create family moments.

Cobran says it's been "set it up in a way that would offer flow so people wouldn't have to gather, with stations by themselves to encourage movement but not gathering."

He says he was in the space earlier this week adding finishing touches like signage and already "so many kids coming by are really into it" and that of course he saw some dog photo ops.

They've also gotten comments online from people sharing photos of the installation saying things like "so cute," "absolutely gorgeous" and "Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for spreading light within our community. Look forward to seeing it."

The lights display should be up until around April, but they're hoping to use the same space and lights for other community-driven purposes in the future.

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Leslieville BIA

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