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10 things to do in Toronto today

September in Toronto is just flying by and events today offer the chance to get out there and have a good time. TIFF is still hot all over the city and today has two showings and a celebration of queer film. Musical performances and a patriarchy-smashing comedy show are on, too.

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    • September 11
      British post-punkers Shopping keep things angsty and dancey at the same time with their upbeat, surf-rock/pop combos.
    • September 11
      Queer film at TIFF gets a celebration during this party hosted by Peter Knegt and Philip Edward Villeneuve, featuring some special guests.
    • September 11
      Tracing the roots of western democracy from Ancient Greece to now, Astra Taylor's new documentary explores its meaning from multiple lenses.
      Scotiabank Theatre
    • September 11
      After two friends pull off the perfect heist of Mayan artifacts, that's when things start get hairy in the premiere of Alonso Ruizpalacios' new film.
      Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre
    • September 11
      Good vibes, deep grooves and some interesting mixes are all part of this early 90s electro pop group that's still making cuts you can dance to.
    • September 11
      Climate change dread is real and author Chris Magwood is here to discuss how buildings—of all things—can help offer a practical solution.
      Toronto Reference Library Beeton Hall
    • September 11
      You haven't experienced comedy like this, where leading female identifying and non-binary performers put on one heck of a show.
    • September 11
      Rough and raw are punk rockers The Queers who've maintained an intentionally jagged sound, going hard for over three decades.
    • September 11
      Perfect timing for TIFF, established cinematographers discuss how they create distinctly beautiful visuals and tell stories through the lens.
      Free Space
    • September 11
      Get in, b****, we're going to Mean Girls trivia. Fetch, protein bars, Aaron Samuels and the like are all on the menu. Are you up for it?
    Lead photo by

    Jesse Milns

Lead photo by

Jesse Milns

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