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Free events in Toronto: March 10 - 16, 2014

Free events in Toronto this week run from concerts in the Junction to spa events that require the accompaniment of a child, which may or may not be easy for you (if you come from the Junction it's probably pretty easy -- just grab one, right? I'm kidding, never ever do this). It's March and you're still broke and it's still freezing. Solve both problems with free indoor events, or stay at home clicking refresh on -- it's your call.

Here are a dozen or so free events in Toronto this week.

Sing For Your Supper 3.2
Calling all theatre types or shy people looking to break out of their shell: hustle to the The Storefront Theatre to perform from selected scripts by indie play-writes. The night looks to be a fun and interactive way to strut your stuff and meet new friends in the Toronto theatre community. March 10, 7pm, The Storefront Theatre (955 Bloor Street West).

Toronto New Music Alliance presents New Music 101
The Toronto New Music Alliance (TNMA) and the Toronto Public Library bring you a free peek into the world of contemporary music. This week's Soundstreams and Spectrum Music showcase will get digital with demonstrations by local artists on SoundMakers, an application that tapes contemporary compositions in Soundstreams' catalogue for remixes and samples. Programming will continue on 17th (also free). Monday, March 10, 7pm, Toronto Reference Library (789 Yonge Street).

March Break SPArty Week at Yorkgate Mall
Wanna do a free mall glamathon? YOU DO. Grab a kid (that's the catch) and make it happen during March break. Yorkgate is treating little chickens to spa treatments: hair care sessions, nail art, temporary tattoos (which I definitely want in on), and a videogame lounge (luxurious videogame lounge?) await all week. March 10 - 14, 12pm - 3pm, Yorkgate Mall (1 Yorkgate Blvd).

Generations of Queer: Opening Events
A panel discussion and art opening in one, John Greyson, Elisha Lim and Kiley May will speak on Wednesday, March 12 from 6:30 to 8pm at OCAD University Auditorium (100 McCaul, Rm 190). Then from 8pm to 10pm, there will be an exhibit opening reception at OCAD U (230 Richmond Street West). The discussion and exhibit will probe queer discourses and activism.

University of Toronto Energy Fair
Students, industry professionals and members of the academy will discuss economics, sustainability, and efficiency all day at the University of Toronto Energy Fair, and you can join in on the fun. How depressing will this be? Is there hope for humankind? Find out on Wednesday, March 12 from 10am-4pm at Bahen Centre (40 St. George Street).

All Handles Different, a performance by Bridget Moser
Whoah isn't every event at Mercer Union supposed to be like $100? This is a free twenty-five minute arts performance (so don't show up an hour late like you usually do) that will use the gallery's current exhibit Push and Pull. Thursday, March 13, 7pm, Mercer Union (1286 Bloor Street West).

Matt O'Brien Comedy Album Recording
The Tallboys basement is hosting a show that just might split your sides down the middle, and not only is it free, you can be a part of Toronto comedy history as the whole thing is going on record. Hey, don't heckle too hard unless you're really funny. Note: if you think you're really funny, you're probably not that funny. Thursday, March 13, 8pm, Tallboys Craft Beer House (838 Bloor Street West).

Fail Again, Fake Better
What's real? No seriously. The 13th Annual York University Art History Graduate Student Symposium will be a two day free exploration to finally determine if real is, indeed, a feeling, or at least how authenticity and fakin' it til you make it (and then faking it some more?) functions in the arts. Iris H채ussler speaks on Thursday, March 13 from 5pm - 7pm at Katzman Contemporary (86 Miller St.) and Dr. Laura Levin speaks on Friday, March 14 from 8am - 6pm at York University, Room 130 (4700 Keele St., Toronto). Lunch is free on Friday.

Anchor Shop's One Year Anniversary Bash at Sneaky Dee's
Aukland and Friday Night Trend will perform at this free snow at Sneak's, with Elos Arma DJ'ing. BUT WAIT -- Anchor Shop wants you to double your fun, so at the show you can win tickets to other upcoming Toronto gigs (and do you ever deserve it) which are listed here. Friday, March 14, 9pm, Sneaky Dee's (Sneaky Dee's 431 College Street).

Synthesexer with DJs Digits, ARP 2600, Little Kicks
How could we not hype this up with a tagline like "Get into the Moog" -- plus the DJs know what they're doing. ARP 2600 (Silent Shout), Digits (Silent Shout), and Little Kicks (Pop Lobster) will be making your disco and electropop dreams come true but you have to show up before 11pm, or you'll turn into a synth-pumpkin (a synth-pumpkin who has to pay $5). Friday, March 14, 10pm, The Piston (937 Bloor Street West).

The Big Free Show in the #JunctionTO w. Young Running, Beams & Catl
It looks like 3030 is bringing free music to the Junction on the reg now, and these are some bands that people pay decent cash to see. Beams, Catl, and Young Running will perform, and many people will drink beer. Okay, here's the thing -- the 40 bus up Dundas from Dundas West Station is better than the Keele bus and the High Park Ave bus. I'm not even sure why, but just take the 40. Junctionites, you know what I mean. Saturday, March 15, 9pm, 3030 (3030 Dundas West).

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