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Radar: Jennifer Hudson Project, Scream Literary Festival, Court Yard Hounds, Broken English, Scott Seewhale, Lucy 'Lo, Parkdale Soul Revue, The Wooden Birds, Brewery Market, Rael Da Rima


CULTURE | Jennifer Hudson Project Lemonade Sale
Who wouldn't like Jennifer Hudson? Especially if you forget about the fact that her rise to fame came via American Idol: Obama's her homie, and she's got her walls blinged out with Grammys, Golden Globes, an Oscar, and so many more awards. So who can fault a musical guy like Evan Tyler for putting the "Jennifer Hudson Project" together? Let's help him out today, as he sells lemonade: a first step towards funding his noble attempt to befriend the Chicago singer/actress. Maybe we should each buy two cups: it's pretty hot out there, and flights to and from Chi-town aren't cheap. Plus our boy is going to need some sweet threads to make this work. Tyler will also be dropping some live remixes of JH's music, so check it out!
GalleryWest (1332 Queen Street Wes) 11:30AM

LITERATURE | Meet the Presses SCREAMING Chapbook Market
As part of the final TO Scream Literary Festival, the Meet The Presses collective is hosting a chapbook market this afternoon at Clinton's. The chapbook is an established format in the world of publishing, and has been since the 19th Century. It has long been the official grass-roots format de choix for getting poetry, fiction, articles and more out to the people. Doubtless the web has taken on some of this work, but there is nothing like holding the printed word in your hands. Reading off a computer screen for pleasure is not a happening thing! Come and check out the great variety of Ontario presses, and the great stuff they have to offer.
Clinton's Tavern (693 Bloor Street West) 12PM FREE

MUSIC | Court Yard Hounds + The Treasures @ The Great Hall
The Court Yard Hounds is a side project of Martie Maguire and Emily Robison, who make up two thirds of The Dixie Chicks. The sisters decided to form a side project and released an album a year ago with Robison assuming lead vocal duties for the first time. The project has done quite well, with their debut beginning its life on the Billboard charts at #7. They are joined tonight in concert at The Great Hall by openers, The Treasures.
The Great Hall (1087 Queen Street West) 8PM $55

MUSIC | Broken English | Scott Seewhale | Lucy 'Lo
A musical shindig takes over The Drake tonight! Headliners Broken English will deliver a horn-packed dance party, bridging the gap between funk, pop, rock hip hop and house, in a way that is designed to get you moving! DJs Scott Seewhale and Lucy 'Lo will keep the momentum going, with visuals and 'tunage support' from Adam Jackson and Jeff Hayward.
The Drake Hotel (1150 Queen Street West) 11PM $10



MUSIC | The Wooden Birds
The Wooden Birds are Andrew Kenny's new project (they've been around since 2008), since American Analog Set went on hiatus. A similar spare, and deliberately 'minimalist' approach is at work here, with a delicate country flavour. Leslie Sission (also formerly of American Analog Set) provides some great vocals that add to the bands sound, as well. These guys have gotten a nice nod from all of the important industry mags and 'blogs, and have delivered at SXSW and other notable fests. Tonight, the will give TO a nice taste of what they do. Definitely worth checking out.
The Drake Hotel (1150 Queen Street West) 8PM $12

FOOD | The Brewery Market: Granite Brewery
This afternoon, the Brewery Market continues. If you haven't checked it out before, this is a series of Sunday afternoon "beer events" taking place throughout the Summer at Wychwood Barns, each featuring a different microbrewery. Visitors get a chance to meet the brewers in person, and try the beer with the greatest beer companion ever created... No, not nuts!....Pizza! The Stop Community Food Centre will be providing the 'pie'. This afternoon's featured brewery is The Granite Brewery, from our own TO, and they will be showing off two of their products: Hopping Mad & Summer Ale. Cheers!
Artscape Wychwood Barns (601 Christie Street) 1PM FREE

MUSIC | Rael Da Rima from SAO PAOLO
Rael Da Rima has been doing his thing as part of the Brazilian music scene for a decade. His musical background and upbringing set him up for this nicely, and his absorption of the music of his own culture, plus influences from the worlds of reggae and hip hop, make for an impressive and eclectic output. His previous success with his group Pentagono, and collabs with Nomadic Massive have given his solo work firm ground to stand on. Tonight he brings his diverse sounds to the Lula Lounge.
Lula Lounge (1585 Dundas Street West) 9PM $5

MUSIC | Wax On! Vinyl Record Sale
Let's face it - vinyl has long been back! It's a good thing. The CD doesn't gave that sonic warmth, and while mp3s are convenient, they sound pretty crappy once you know what you're missing. The greatest thing about the record is the sleeve: you put on a platter, and chill with something to hold in your hands and read or look at, or swat a fly with - try that with a download! Today you have a chance to load up on some used records from the '80s, '90s, and onward. Starting at 10am, a large collection of hundreds of albums will be going for very reasonable prices. Give your Sunday a positive spin!
(1045 College Street, Toronto, Ontario) 10AM FREE


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