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Radar: Buck 65 at the Bloor/Gladstone Library, Hip-hop Karaoke, Dinosaur Dinosaur, Fashion Illustration Workshop, PIF Seminars

MUSIC | Buck 65 at the Bloor/Gladstone Library
A music show at a library? I know, total geek-fest right? Everyone knows that public book houses are the dark and dusty hangouts of nerds, really old wizards and the homeless. Well I hope they're ready to have their D&D games interrupted at the Bloor/Gladstone branch because hometown B-Man Buck 65 is going to 'Make Some Noise' or something. Yes his music is good and yes, free shows are very agreeable, (ladies go to them) but does one risk entering an educational institution? What if I accidentally learn science? What if I begin to understand Mars Volta fans? The fear of becoming a nerd is just so great. So do we all risk it? Tough one as I believe this will be the last chance to see Buck live for some time unless Oslo next month is an option for you. (PS I hope he does "Centaur" -- that would kill!)
Bloor/Gladstone Library, Free

PARTY | Hip-Hop Karaoke Round #45
"Holy swear-word god, this actually exists???" That was my first thought. My second was, "Son of a beep when can I sink my teeth into this?!" Then my third thought was "Hey roommate why don't you want to do the Stronger re-mix with me live on stage?" Ponder. Thought #4 involved "Oh you're right the people that do this are actually really good and we'd get slaughtered." My fifth thought was a collection of different ideas to get women to notice me when the next bubble burst in my brain: "I still really want to go just to see this!" I had a seventh little brain movement secretly thinking of ways to trick my roommate on stage but that soon faded when the ideas stopped and I started thinking of boobies... once again. Hip-Hop Karaoke!
At Revival, 783 College Street, $5 before 11pm, $10 after

We-heh-ell then what have we here? A ten-band competition where indie groups from all lands and eras will suit up and square off for the ultimate rock and roll victory? Delica-M//Nans & Nat//Kick Evrything//Wazu//L.Stadt//The Tanuki Project//GoobyGoo & Peekers -- I've never heard of any of these super-groups, but if I were a betting man (and I am) based on screwy names alone I'd have to go with The Tanuki. But then again only time will tell. Go to this show and together we'll find out!
Nocturne - Room A, 550 Queen Street West 19+, $6 at door, $20 all-weekend wristband

ART | Fashion Illustration Workshop by Laura Mensinga
For all you arty types out there, (as in those who like to make art not "I know what a Salvador Dali is") Laura Mensinga will be hosting an open-to-all fashion illustration workshop involving drawing activities and life drawing exercises along with a reception. Check out her stuff because it's really good and what else are you going to do with your Friday evening? Feed your cats? They'll survive!
Freedom CC Gallery, 939 Bloor St West, PWYC (suggested donation $5), 8pm

SEMINAR | Planet In Focus
The Planet in Focus festival is holding a full friz-iday of industry events hosted by the fine people at the Miles Nadal JCC. Anyone working in film and TV in the city or those just very interested are invited to come out and learn how to work towards making our productions better for the enviro-planet. It all kicks off at 9am with a green industry networking lounge, (everyone can talk about how damned early it is) and continues throughout the day with various lectures and a 'green pitch' competition. "Imagine a cross between Lethal Weapon 3 and The Shipping News but starring Ed Begley Jr." Everyone nods.
Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, 750 Spadina Ave., room 318, 9am-end of day

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