Radar: Toronto Kickball Fundraiser, Friends & Levi MacDougall, Welcome to Wendyland, Cocksucker Blues, The Judy Monologues

MUSIC | Toronto Kickball Fundraiser
The best part of gym class was always the days when you didn't have to play real sports and instead got to play the ones made up by schools like soccer-baseball (a.k.a kickball). So why stop after you graduate high school? Toronto Kickball has stared a league of kickball enthusiasts who get together every Sunday at Alexandra Park to kick around the big red ball. They need a little financial support though (for pinnies perhaps?), so they're hosting a show at The Press Club with musical guests Ghost Bees and Bitter City. No kickball in the bar, that would break things - save it for the field.
The Press Club, 850 Dundas St W, $5, 9pm

COMEDY | Friends & Levi MacDougall
Local comedian Levi MacDougall is taking a break from his stay in glamourous Los Angeles to do a rare full length stand up performance here at Comedy Bar. After making a name for himself in Canada as part of the comedy collective Laugh Sabbath and on TV shows such as Comedy Now, The Jon Dore Show and Hotbox, he made his way to the US to be a staff writer on Comedy Central's Important Things with Demetri Martin. Friends Katie Crown and David Dineen-Porter will open his show, while Chris Locke hosts and Bob Weisman brings musical accompaniment. See him before he drives back to LA and gets even bigger than he is now (he's tall)!
Comedy Bar, 945 Bloor St W, 10pm

ART | Welcome to Wendyland
Do you ever find yourself Googling pictures of food when you're hungry, only to find such an act makes you 100x hungrier? If so, you'll for sure want to eat a big meal before you head to the Welcome to Wendyland show tonight. Local artist Wendy Ding is hosting her first solo show full of digital illustrations inspired by good looking food and pin-up girls. Light refreshments will be served -- but no food, so you may catch yourself running to the nearest street-meat cart afterwards.
Come As You Are, 701 Queen St W, Free, 7pm-9pm

PARTY | Cocksucker Blues
Okay, I'm thinking of a bunch of different jokes about the name of this event, but they're all pretty inappropriate and I'm pretty new to writing these things to risk it. So let's try to forget about the name for a bit. The Shop under Parts & Labour is taking a break from its usual rowdy punk shows to host the third installment of Cocksucker Blues, a gay party night. New York based photographer Ryan McGinty is on as guest DJ, doing up his favourite punk, glam, disco tracks from all decades. Making out on the bleachers is encouraged and won't get you a black eye like it probably would have back in high school.
Parts & Labour, 1566 Queen St W, $5, 10pm

THEATRE | The Judy Monologues
Everyone knows that in this day and age, celebrities have to be careful with what they record. But who knew you had to be careful in the 1960's too. Golden actress Judy Garland made a series of recordings back in her day for an autobiography that was never written. I'm sure it doesn't contain any of the juicy stuff found on modern day leaks like N-words or big dicks, but they're interesting enough to have a play made around/on them. Baby Gumm Productions has put together The Judy Monologues, a series of one-act pieces based around these recordings and featuring music and vintage film footage of the late actress.
Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander St, $10, 8pm

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Photo: "at the EX" by PLTam, member of the blogTO Flickr group.

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