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Radar: Slim Twig & US Girls, Going the Distance, The Boom Radio Taping, You Make Me Feel So Misanthropic, Jesse Hill, Dunny Trading Party

MUSIC | Slim Twig & US Girls
Slim Twig's newest album, A Shriek in Scores, is a collection of songs with the usual Slim Twig touch - but all featuring samples from film music. It's a pretty cool concept which would be even cooler by seeing him perform them live with projected visuals accompanying it. Oh that's happening? And Philly lo-fi rockers US Girls are opening?! Where is it? ... The White House? Ha-Ha-Ha... Oh not the real White House... That makes more sense.
The White House, 277 Augusta Ave, $7, 9pm

FILM | Going the Distance Sneak Peek
Going the Distance is about a couple (Drew Barrymore and Justin Long) who has to deal with what to do when their summer fling turns into something more - sounds like a fairly typical rom-come. However, this one promises more com than rom. With a strong supporting cast of comedians such as Jason Sudeikis, Charile Day and Kristen Shaal, it seems like it shouldn't disappoint. And now you have an opportunity to see it in advance, so when your friends ask if you if want to go on September 3rd when it opens you can say "Oh that movie? I saw it aaaaages ago."
Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave, 7pm

COMEDY | The Boom XM Radio Show Taping
The guys and girls of the sketch troupe The Boom recently got a radio show on XM satellite radio and thats a pretty big deal. In fact they'll be recording their next show for the radio. Now what they need from you, is to fill the audience with as many people as you can bring, so when they broadcast it everyone across Canada listening will hear the "hundreds and hundreds" of people in Toronto that are lucky enough to see it live. And in return they'll give you big laughs courtesy of Winston Spear, Garrett Jamieson, Rhiannon Archer and more. Deal?
Comedy Bar, 945 Bloor St W, 10pm

ART | You Make Me Feel So Misanthropic
Unless you are a total Warcraft hermit, you are forced to interact with people everyday. Some bareable, and some not. Maybe you're really awkward and forget to hold doors open for people behind you or always go in for a handshake when the other is going for the fist bump (you're right in that situation). Maybe if you go to Tori Maas' solo show of drawings and mixed media works focused around social interactions, you'll finally feel better that everyone is thinking the same thing when in public, "How do I interact?". She also has pieces about failed relationships, and I KNOW everyones got a handful of those.
Paloranta Basement Gallery, 833 Queen St W, Free, 7-11pm

MUSIC | Jesse Hill at Korova Milk Bar
For so long i'd just walk past this store on College with a Korova Milk Bar design on the front, thinking it was some cool new gallery opening that I had no idea about that had a Clockwork Orange themed instillation going on. Guess what? I was wrong! Turns out its an awesome new bar that makes an even awesom-er brunch. And upstairs is a cool little music venue that you probably haven't checked out yet but should. You can start tonight by checking out Winnipeg's Jesse Hill and his acoustic guitar.
Korova Milk Bar, 488 College St, PWYC, 9pm

ART | Dunny Trading Party
What is a Dunny? They are a rabbit shaped toy made of soft vinyl that are each individually customized. Apparently they are quite the collectable in both the toy and art collection community. So now we both now. If you're still interested, The Magic Pony gallery is having a trading party where you can meet with other Dunny collectors and make some swamps. Or if you're a first timer, just go buy your first ones and get started.
Also, 19 artists are unveiling brand new Dunnys including sports themed ones and wizards. Okay, am I out of the loop? Are these the new Pokemon cards?
Magic Pony Gallery, 694 Queen St W, Free, 6-8pm

Upcoming/Sponsored Event:

FREE CONCERTS | Lexus Live at the Distillery
From August 27th - 29th, the Distillery District will be home to four free live concerts featuring The Stills (Friday 8-9pm), Lily Frost (Saturday 12-1pm), The Midway State (Saturday 5-6pm) and The Paper Lions (Sunday 3-4pm). Complimentary refreshments will be served and Lexus will be there showcasing two prototype vehicles including the Lexus CT 200h hybrid. For complete details check out this event page.

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Photo: "B.B.Q. House" by PLTam, member of the blogTO Flickr group.

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