Morning Brew: Margaret Wente's got problems, Feist's got a Polaris, the Fords hate the media, and Joe Warmington needs to read a book

This has been an interesting show to watch from the sidelines as the the Globe and Mail fumbles the ball in handling the accusations of plagiarism directed toward Margaret Wente. The Public Editor's letter was less than assuring, Editor-in-Chief John Stackhouse's remark that he would defend the columnist's "right to free expression" was just confusing, and Wente's self-defence is anything but satisfying. Hey guys, now you've all fucked up — you'd look a whole lot better if you just admitted it.

And the winner is: Feist! The Polaris Prize jury once again surprises everyone (or at least me — same thing, right?) in choosing Feist's Metals for the 2012 Prize. While not as out of the blue as some former winners — I'm thinking of you, Karkwa — few predicted that she'd win. More to come about this later today.

Do you ever wonder how in the world there could be two years left in Rob Ford's term as Mayor of Toronto? Forgetting anything else, how much worse could his and his brother's relationship with the media get?

Also: here's how councillor expenses on the now notorious Chicago trip were handled.

The always insightful and entertaining Posted Political Panel takes on the topic of private sector funding and public transit. How will this play out on Eglinton?

In other news, Joe Warmington might be the least intelligent person paid to write in the entire city. I'd say he should read some Judith Butler, but let's face it, there'd be too many big words.

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