Richtree Marketplace

Since my quick chicken fix from Pusteri's , I have been on the hunt for the best bbq chicken to go.

I see restaurants and grocery stores offering specials for chicken meals all the time, but really, they can't all be good... actually, I know they are not all good.

This time, I pick up my chicken fixin' at the Richtree Marketplace on the corner of Bayview and Don Mills. I have also been to the Eaton Centre, BCE place and College Park locations... which all have the same menu.


Although the chicken is not one of their signature dishes, for around $15 you can get a whole chicken, a box of veggies and some roasted potatoes.

You get what you pay for.

Although the chicken is moist, it lacks any flavour other than the typical salt and pepper. It made me want to reach out for some ketchup. The veggies and potatoes are doused in oil and simply overcooked.

I highly doubt I will be returning... and so the hunt continues.

P.S. I've got an after dinner sweet tooth, so I picked up a slice -- or square -- of their tiramisu. After one bite, it was in the trash.


Richtree Marketplace

305 York Mills, Unit 19


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