Moroco Chocolat Toronto

MoRoCo Chocolat

MoRoCo Chocolat used to be in Yorkville where they did full service sit-down meals like brunch and high tea, but have since narrowed their focus at this location to just chocolate. Each chocolate sold here is handmade, hand-molded and decorated completely uniquely.

The first thing you notice about MoRoCo: lots of purple. The whole place inside and out is bedecked in a shade of lavender, tying together the feminine personality of MoRoCo's brand. Seating is limited to two tiny chairs near the milk and lid station.

Moroco Chocolat Toronto

This isn't a drip coffee place on the way to the subway station: they only serve espresso-based drinks here, along with tea from Canadian company Tea Squared (which made MoRoCo their own chocolately tea blend) you can get hot or iced, and of course, hot chocolate, which you can also get "frozen": blended with ice.

Moroco Chocolat Toronto

Their hot chocolate is all made from the melted sipping chocolate constantly whirling in tubs behind the counter. The milk chocolate was infused with chai when I visited (yum!) and fun fact: the dark chocolate has no dairy, so if you order a hot chocolate with coconut milk, it's actually vegan. These rich, addictive hot chocolates go for $4.95 - $5.95.

Moroco Chocolat Toronto

MoRoCo is known for their gourmet truffles (six for $13.25, twelve for $24.95, or twenty four for $48). Pictured here are the 62% dark "Full Throttle" truffles made with espresso ganache, and their "Sub'Lime" white chocolate truffles made with a vodka lime ganache that clinched the World Chocolate Awards in 2013.

Customers love their eclairs, ($2.20 for mini or $4.25 for regular size), especially the chocolate, made with chocolate choux pastry, chocolate filling and chocolate toffee on top. Flavours rotate all the time, though, with others like salted caramel and pumpkin.

Moroco Chocolat Toronto

The other thing they're known for is their macarons ($2.40 each), in twelve flavours every day with two that typically rotate out, like Oreo. They're too delicate to ship, so if you want to get your hands on them you'll have to do it in store.

Moroco Chocolat Toronto

Llook for other inimitable rarities like this "McQueen Cake" for $8.95 topped with one of MoRoCo's handmade golden chocolate skulls.

Moroco Chocolat Toronto

Photos by Hector Vasquez

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