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This Toronto silk company has blown up and keeps selling out of scrunchies

A Toronto-based company that makes silk goods has blown up recently, and it's all thanks to one of their best-selling items that's super popular right now: scrunchies.

As pretty much all of us are aware by now, the scrunchie trend did not end in the 90s and has had a serious revival. Not only have crafters realized how easy they are to make for themselves and friends during long boring hours in lockdown, companies have realized how to capitalize on their current limelight.

The Silk Labs is currently sold out of their silk elastic set and many of their scrunchies and is hustling to produce more.

silk labs toronto

Silk Labs founder Jenna Labiak. Photo credit: Silk Labs.

"When I was in my last year of university at Ryerson I started my business The Silk Labs. After a quick Google search as a consumer looking for silk scrunchies, I noticed the prices, colorways and brand image was not what I was looking for," The Silk Labs founder Jenna Labiak told blogTO.  

"I launched my website and found myself sewing 10 plus hours a day trying to keep up with demand. Then of course the worldwide pandemic began and ecommerce was at an all-time high. During the summer I was selling over 1000 units of product and growing each month, and still am growing."

The Silk Labs has g0tten the attention of The Kit, ChatelaineFlare, and fashion bible Vogue Italia, so you know this upstart small business means business. They now also employ five seamstresses and have a fulfillment centre, and are even able to donate some profits to charity.

"One of my brand mottos and personal mottos is 'doing what we can with what we have.' I [have been] so thankful to be in a position where I could make an income at home during lockdown, this wasn't everyone's reality," says Labiak.

"When the world started to be at crisis and I recognized my business was doing well I donated 10 per cent of proceeds to FoodShare Toronto during the summer. In response to COVID-19 their mission was to help provide families who were facing food insecurity and provide good quality food straight to their doors safely."

Silk Labs makes not only scrunchies but combs, pillowcases, headbands and hair oils, and are currently working hard to produce items that have sold out, so keep checking back to see if they've restocked. Not only will you be helping a fledgling business, you'll be supporting the local community, too.

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Silk Labs

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