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The top 10 kitchen and bathroom tile stores in Toronto

The top kitchen and bathroom tile stores in Toronto feature a range of materials like marble, ceramic, and porcelain, suited for different projects - from indoor to outdoor, flooring to backsplash. Tiles are like wine - there's a seemingly endless variety of different materials from different regions used for different purposes, with no two exactly the same.

Every store's stock is unique with most of them carrying at least a few products exclusive to them. If you're looking for something specific, you will likely end up having to visit several of them to find exactly what you're looking for but luckily, most are located in the same two general areas - the Castlefield Design District and

Here are my picks for the top tile stores in Toronto.

Olympia is the place to go for basic, affordable, mid-range options and as one of the biggest in the business, they are well-stocked with lots of product, so you can often get what you need without the long wait times. They do a lot of replica tiling, which is porcelain made to look like marble, concrete, wood, and slate.

The set-up in this hidden gem specializing in mosaic is very user friendly - all samples can be pulled off the displays allowing you to compare them side-by-side. A few of the welcoming staff went to design school.

Stone Tile
Self-described as the Mercedes Benz of tiling, Stone Tile is known for being cutting edge, in terms of sourcing revolutionary new products. They are the first company in Canada to bring in a large format, thin porcelain sheet tile called laminam that can be put directly on the floor, on walls, and used for exteriors. The impressive 10-foot pieces are on display in their showroom, which is like an art gallery for tile.

On the more upscale side, Ciot is good for marble and has a lot of product exclusive to their store including tiles from Italy. They have a clearance room in the back where you can often find items for as much as 40% off.

The Tile Store
With laid-back staff and a casual, unpretentious showroom, The Tile Store offers a range of options. One of their top-sellers - exclusive to their store - are Aparici porcelain tiles from Spain.

Centura Tile
The big, beautiful, modern showroom that's well laid-out has lots of natural light, which allows you to really see the samples properly. All staff are designers, qualified to provide design consultation and they have a department in the back for contractors that sells the tools needed for installation.

With over 25 years of experience, Antica imports from overseas and specializes in natural stone and custom products. They have their own production facility on-site where they cut and mesh tiles - from basic patterns to intricate, one-of-a-kind designs.

Deco Tile
A family-run business in their 20th year, Deco Tile imports most of their product from Italy and Spain. They do a lot of porcelain and hand-cut glass, working primarily with the art and design industry and doing a lot of commercial business.

Creekside Tile
A new import to Toronto from Vancouver, Creekside has a smaller showroom off the main Castlefield strip, where they specialize in warm and rustic concrete tiles exclusive to their store. They also carry unique hand-glazed tiles from the UK.

Keramin has a big selection of porcelain and mosaic, but they also produce countertops, sell fireplace stone, and exterior stone. Frequented primarily by retail businesses and contractors, they offer free delivery and often run promotions where you can get good deals.

What did I miss? Add your suggestions for top tile stores in the comments.

Photo via Ciot.

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