Zvi, Isa Christ, Cetacea, Glass Towers, Painted Faces

ZVI (http://ronzvivarod.bandcamp.com)

Solo guitar from Kayo Dot's Ron Varod. Slow methodical intricate guitar notes blister over long drone tones. Vocals crawl out, as lost as their juxtaposing guitar phrases. Beautiful guitar meanderings reminiscent of stoner rock balladry, stretched out & melded into a drone context. Haunting aura!

ISA CHRIST (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3qfZzD-7MQ)

Homemade electronics guru Isa Christ plays Toronto for the first time! A bubbling pit of frequencies entangled & writhing to get free, move as one entity. Bleeps & bloops exploited to their extreme. This music is like the sounds of some alien space station trying to communicate through light years of garbled interference. Organic, eerie and all encompassing. Don't miss this!!!

CETACEA (https://soundcloud.com/cetaceansongs/cetacea-glyphs-excerpts-from)

Bryan Bray (Gates, Gardenia) unveils his newest doom project. Howling guitar like some caustic underwater current. Acoustic notes float lazily on a sea of crushing dissonance. Always waiting in the shadows, living in the deep, a constant threat, never realized, but the hints of it's aural existence are enough to leave you uneasy.


Kevin Crump (Disguises, Roman Pliates) & Ian Sequeira (Wolfcow), rise again with their duo project. Self described blasts of abrasive harsh noise mixed with spaced out psych. Table top electronics, synths & mixer zone, these Toronto noise scene bros bring the blissed out jams. Heavy dynamic sludge, rinse, wash.

PAINTED FACES (http://www.paintedfacesband.net)

Brooklyn, NY lo-fi freak pop collage weirdo David Drucker creates bizarre nostalgic jams that teater on the edge of naiveté. Guitar work influenced by decades of meandering folk traditions, channeled through the lens of contemporary psychedelic & avant garde musics. Another lost soul in a home of endless possibility, working to create the worlds unknowns.


All Ages!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/242275435983281/

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Zvi, Isa Christ, Cetacea, Glass Towers, Painted Faces

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