Wyrd Distro Cross-Canada Launch Gatherings

On Saturday February 15th 2014 Weird Canada is launching its Wyrd Distro the first non-profit online-store and distribution service dedicated to emerging and experimental Canadian music.

We are organizing launch gatherings in cities across the country. Please join us in the afternoon on Saturday February 15th to commemorate the growing spectre of our shadowy lizard government. Each Launch Gathering will feature:

- Live video Hangout with Weird Canada Executive Director Marie LeBlanc Flanagan and Founder Aaron Levin

- Drop-box where local artists can consign music to the Wyrd Distro free shipping!

- A performance or two

- A Weird Canada volunteer to answer answer all your questions except those relating to the Millennium Prize Problems. We cannot answer those. Yet.

- A limited free cassette compilation of digital-only music from every province and territory featuring cover-art designed by Gabriel Jasmin.

- Beautiful screen-printed poster by Stphanie St-Jean Aubre https://www.facebook.com/pages/-lensemble-vide-/438705162839488?frefts

Gatherings will be held in the following cities with live video hangout times listed. Full details of venues and performers below:

- Saint John New Brunswick 3:00pm AST

- Halifax Nova Scotia 4:00pm AST

- Moncton New Brunswick 4:00pm AST

- Montral Qubec 3:30pm EST

- Qubec Qubec 3:30pm EST

- Ottawa Ontario 4:00pm EST

- London Ontario 4:00pm EST

- Guelph Ontario 4:00pm EST

- Toronto Ontario 4:30pm EST

- Iqaluit Nunavut 4:30pm EST

- Winnipeg Manitoba 4:00pm CST

- Saskatoon Saskatchewan 4:00pm CST

- Edmonton Alberta 3:30pm MST

- Calgary Alberta 4:00pm MST

- Vancouver British Columbia 3:30pm PST

- Victoria British Columbia 4:00pm PST

Gatherings were working on help us! info@weirdcanada.com

- St. Johns NL

- Charlottetown PEI

- Whitehorse YK

- Yellowknife NT


PS - These gatherings would not have been possible without the immense work of Weird Canadas volunteer army. Each event has a lead and they are listed below. Please thank them in person. They are amazing.

PPS - Logo and pattern design by Jenn Kitagawa.

## Saint John

- Venue: Backstreet Records 124 Germain http://backstreetrecords.blogspot.ca/

- Artist 1: learning http://learning.bandcamp.com/

- Artist 2: The Shorty Tubbs http://theshortytubbs.bwandcamp.com/

- Artist 3: Stegosaurus http://sharktoothrecords.bandcamp.com/

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 3:00pm AST / 2:00pm EST

- Organized by: Barb Crawford

## Halifax

- Venue: Lost & Found 2383 Agricola

- Artist 1: Scribbler http://scribblerband.bandcamp.com/

- Artist 2: Quaker Parents http://quakerparents.bandcamp.com/album/no-crime-when-covered-in-grime

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 4:00pm AST / 3:00pm EST

- Organized by: Rana Ecol & Evan Matthews

## Moncton

- Venue: TBD

- Artists: TBD

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 4:00pm AST

- Organized by: Nick

## Montreal

- Venue: Sonorama 260 Bernard O

- Artist 1: YlangYlang http://ylangylang.bandcamp.com/

- Artist 2: Special Noise http://specialnoise.bandcamp.com/track/snoop-lion

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 3:30pm EST

- Organized by: Christina Bell

## Quebec City

- Venue: Le Knock-Out 832 St-Joseph Est

- Artists: Machinegun Suzie http://machinegunsuzie.bandcamp.com/ Accoustic Set More

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 3:30pm EST

- Organized by: AnneMarie Papillon

## Ottawa

- Venue: Pressed

- Artists: TBD

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 4:00pm EST

- Organized by: Emily McQuarrie & Rachel Weldon

## London

- Venue: Grooves Records 353 Clarence

- Artist 1: A Person Disguised as People Ian Doig-Phaneuf http://a-souvenir.bandcamp.com/

- Artist 2: I Smell Blood http://ismellblood.bandcamp.com/

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 4:00pm EST

- Organized by: Sam Allen

## Guelph

- Venue: Silence 46 essex st.

- Artist 1: CFRU Silence other radio collage sound installation http://www.cfru.ca/

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 4:00pm EST

- Organized by: Javier Fuentes

## Toronto

- Venue: June Records 662 College Street http://junerecords.ca/

- Artist 1: Carl Didur https://soundcloud.com/carl-didur

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 4:30pm EST

- Organized by: Wavelength Pavan Brar

## Iqaluit

- Venue: TBD

- Artists: TBD

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 4:30pm EST

- Organized by: Dan Galway

## Winnipeg

- Venue: TBD

- Artist 1: Solar Coffin http://dubditchpicnic.bandcamp.com/album/cold-furnace

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 4:00pm CST / 5:00pm EST

- Organized by: Taylor Burgess

## Saskatoon

- Venue: Beaumont Film and Record

- Artist 1: Surely I Come Quickly with Cid Vishnu http://surelyicomequickly.bandcamp.com/album/life-is-neverending

- Artist 2: Poler Bear http://polerbear.bandcamp.com/album/se-d-nouer-3

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 4:00pm CST / 5:00pm EST

- Organized by: Josh Robinson

## Edmonton

- Venue: Listen Records 10443 124 St. NW http://listenrecords.net/

- Artist 1: Pigeon Breeders http://pigeonbreeders.bandcamp.com/

- Artist 2: Zebrapulse http://zebrapulse.bandcamp.com/

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 3:30pm MST / 5:30pm EST

- Organized by: David Ferris

## Calgary

- Venue: Sloth Records 736 17th Ave SW http://slothrecords.wordpress.com/

- Artist 1: Wicked Healing

- Artist 2: DJ Devin Friesen Bitter Fictions

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 4:00pm MST / 6:00pm EST

- Organized by: Paisley Sim

## Vancouver

- Venue: Neptoon Records 3561 Main Street http://neptoon.com/

- Artist 1: Sisters of Seance Luke Rogers of Basketball https://soundcloud.com/sisters-of-seance

- Artist 2: Isolated Now Waves / Shearing Pinx

- Google Hangout w/ Marie & Aaron: 3:30pm PST / 6:30pm EST

- Organized by: Selina Koop

## Victoria

- Venue: Cavity Curiosity Shop http://cavityproductions.ca/ 556b Pandora

- Artist 1: Cosy Father http://cosyfather.bandcamp.com/

- Artist 2: Mark Alexander McIntyre http://markalexandermcintyre.bandcamp.com/

- Google Hang w/ Marie & Aaron: 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST

- Organized by: Johnnie Regalado

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage Canada Music Fund and of Canada's Private Radio Broadcasters.

Wyrd Distro Cross-Canada Launch Gatherings

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