Workflow presents It All Comes Out in the Wash solo exhibition by Ness Devos @Nessdevos at The Drake Hotel @Thedrakehotel curated by Kris Lodu @Kr____is.

“It All Comes Out in the Wash” explores the use of self-portraiture as a means of salvation.

It is a study of the journey that the artist has taken while navigating living in a non-binary body and the complexities of rejecting traditional notions of girlhood while grappling with feelings of otherness.

Through their process, ness seeks to champion the expression of identity — each photograph is a testament to the magic found in embracing one's true self. by subverting vulnerability and sexuality, they capture a vision that comments on agency and empowerment free of judgment.

Ness Devos (they/them) is a portrait + fashion photographer based in Toronto.

With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, ness seeks to empower and uplift their subjects. their canvas is painted with the unique stories of those who stand proudly in their current forms, boldly and unapologetically. their expressive and colourful images challenge the mainstream of beauty and femininity to spotlight under-represented queer life.

Ness is also the founder + creative director of guava pussy zine, a printed publication made for and by the queer femme community.

Add your energy to the creative process as innovative artists from multiple disciplines showcase and discuss their work in the cozy confines of the lobby-turned-studio space.

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