Wolf Eyes, Nadja, Burden, Doom Tickler

Electric Eclectics & Burn Down The Capital Present:

WOLF EYES (http://www.wolfeyes.net/)

Detroit noise cum trip metal trio Wolf Eyes touch down in Toronto for the first time in over 5 years. Wasted guitar jams meander amoungst crippled electronics. Layers of distortion give blistered songs a new meaning, as maligned vocals crawl through the thick air. Foreboding sparsity creates spiritual unrest. Gnarled psych riffage curls back on itself. A not to be missed mind distruction unit.

NADJA (https://nadja.bandcamp.com/)

Toronto via Berlin doom / drone duo of Aidan Baker & Leah Buckareff return to their home turf for what is sure to be a heavy preformance. Guitar notes waver & glisten amidst a sea of rumbling bass drones. Like a caustic current from the deep, warped patterns emerge amoungst oppressive walls of articulated feedback. Harsh becomes meditative, don't sleep.

BURDEN (https://bbrrddnn.bandcamp.com/)

Winnipeg trio Burden create haunting soundscapes using an amplified deconstructed piano. Screeching feedback grows out of ghostly vocalizations. Ominous tones ring out from hammered strings. The clatter of some ancient structure grows frenetic. The piano disembowled sounds as if it's being reborn, but as an unstable mutation of it's former self. Every loose appendage struggling to escape this misformed existance. Compelling like a good thriller, a truely erie soinc rebirth, plus live visuals by Leslie Supnet (https://vimeo.com/lesliesupnet)

DOOM TICKLER (http://doomtickler.bandcamp.com/)

Leslie Predy (ex-Induced Labour) brings the solo jams. Twisted vocals from another planet, like all the cats on the internet blended into a digital grinder. Dance beats bounce through layers of sickening fuzz squall. The sounds of your stomach turning, bubbling like a soup & eating itself. This is dark, foreboding music. Pretty much like being on that planet where Yoda lives, but with CHUDs loose everywhere!

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Wolf Eyes, Nadja, Burden, Doom Tickler

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