Provocation Ideas Festival presents Within Our Lifetime: A Wake-Up Story with Mathura

Amidst a world of bedtime stories that capture our imagination, transport us to other worlds, and lure us into a deep and lasting slumber, emerges a wake-up story. This immersive performance installation is an invocation (invitation + provocation) to wake up - to our bodies, our longings, our lineages of resistance, to sharpening contradictions, to the everything-ness of These Times and our agency within them. Gentle yet unrelenting, clear yet contradicting, beautiful yet maddening, both story and storyteller labour in love to free our imagination, presence us in this world, and lure us towards a justice that can’t help but be poetic in its realization - within our lifetime.

About Mathura Temwa Mahendren:

Mathura is a storyteller by nature, and design researcher by nurture. Her practice is rooted in a commitment to designing and sharing tools, frameworks, and brave spaces that can hold individuals, groups, and relationships through difference, discomfort, grief, change, and ultimately, growth. Recognizing that our ability to move through these experiences is intertwined with how and how deeply we were taught to love, love is both the method and the madness that underpins all of her bodies of work. She is the author of the toolkit and audiobook Dismantling the Master's Tools: A Somatic Approach to Interrogating White Supremacy and the curator and subject of the metemwaphasis exhibit.

Saturday, May 25 • 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Innix College Town Hall

2 Sussex Ave,

University of Toronto

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