The Warriors | 40th Anniversary

"Warriors...come out to play-ee-ay."

Preposterously themed street gangs, electrifying synths, raging fisticuffs and a lean, mean, macho man story. Cyrus is the toughest, baddest all-round coolest gang leader around and he's assembled all of the gangs in New York City to unify them. But when Cyrus ends up dead, The Warriors take the wrap and every face painted, spiked bat carrying, homicidal maniac in the city is out to kill them as our true-hearted, iron-willed Coney Island rumblers punch, bite and bleed their way home through the labyrinth of Manhattan.

Walter Hill can film a city and make it sweat with toughness, capturing the filthiness of urban decayed vacant subways, crooked alleys and abandoned buildings to turn them into a spectacularly violent playground of insanity. CAN YOU DIG IT?" (Alamo Drafthouse)

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The Warriors | 40th Anniversary

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