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Video Vengeance #7 - MegaForce 1982 - Free VHS Screening!

There has never been a superhero like Ace Hunter! And there has never been a film like MegaForce - the mind-meltingly ridiculous 1982 film from the director of Smokey and the Bandit!

You wouldn't be wrong to assume MegaForce was a total post-Star Wars cash-grab, as it was clearly marketed towards children see: PG Rating who loved the aforementioned film's classic good-vs-evil plotting and high voltage special effects. Heck, the trailer even saw Ace Hunter himself proclaiming "The good guys always win... even in the eighties!"

So what's it about? There's a super secret group of mercenaries called MegaForce, composed of international soldiers of fortune and lead by Ace Hunter, who come equipped with ultra-fancy lasers and flying motorcycles to help a peaceful country out of a jam when their evil neighbors decide to invade.

But it's also about Barry Bostwick in a shiny onesie giving the thumbs up to his love interest, and oh so much more. You don't want to miss this one.

Plus, we'll have plenty of vintage VHS, Vinyl, and more treats as prizes!

Arrive by 8:00 to grab your favourite seats, snag some beer and eat some nachos. Introduction and FREE RAFFLE begins around 8:15 pm! Don't be late!

Presented by Modern Superior and hosted by KITCH.

229 Geary Ave, Toronto, Ontario

Video Vengeance #7 - MegaForce 1982 - Free VHS Screening!

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