Video Vengeance #4 - Kingdom of the Spiders - Free VHS Screening!

At every Video Vengeance event so far, we've heard nothing but calls of "What about a William Shatner movie? What about a killer spider flick? Why do you only show action films?" - and today we are giving you an answer to all three!

Yes, it's the 1977 cult-classic starring William Shatner, Kingdom of the Spiders! It's a rip-roarin', spider squishin' and drivin'-over good time as Dr. Robert 'Rack' Hansen investigates the death of some local farm animals - could it really be a pack of killer tarantulas causing all this mayhem? Spoiler Alert: abso-fuckin'-lutely.

Gasp! - as killer spiders run amok in the streets! Scream! - as they trap our cast in a small hotel! Slur! - your words after ingesting far too many Old Milwaukees!

Arrive at 7:30 to grab your favourite seats, snag some beer and eat some nachos. Introduction and FREE RAFFLE begins at 8:00 pm! Don't be late!

Presented by Modern Superior and hosted by KITCH.

229 Geary Ave, Toronto, Ontario

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Video Vengeance #4 - Kingdom of the Spiders - Free VHS Screening!

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