Video Vengeance #15 - BULLETPROOF - Free VHS Screening!

"You may be BULLETPROOF, but you're not... LOVE PROOF" - Actual line of dialogue from BULLETPROOF (1988)

Gary Busey may be best-known as a cult-figure for his outrageous antics and over-the-top villainous performances, but he has also given us over-the-top HERO performances in films like EYE OF THE TIGER, and our latest slab of VHS insanity, BULLETPROOF!

Busey plays Frank "Bulletproof" McBain, a cop over the edge who plays by his own rules - and rule #1 is to call as many people as he can "Butthorn!"

Fred Olen Ray penned the story for this one, and the film keeps the lame one-liners flying, and bad dudes a-plenty. The villain, played by Henry Silva, gets his hands on a super-tank code-named "Thunderblast" and it's up to McBain to stop his reign of terror.

Along the way, we're treated to saxophone-serenades and tender love-story flasbacks, as well as explosions, explosions, EXPLOSIONS!

See the film that had people saying:

"This movie is perpetually perched in the rafters, ready to call you butt-horn, and for that it earns five stars." - Sean Gill

"An 80's action movie after my own heart, it defies logic almost at every turn" - IMDB User Review

"Bulletproof is a heap of cheesy action fun. In fact, the last half hour is wall-to-wall explosions and excessive gunfire." - Cool Target

"It's cheerfully dumb fun that should have viewers busting a gut, or shaking their heads at the ridiculousness of it all." - IMDB User Review

Plus, we'll have plenty of vintage VHS, goodies and tons-o-treats as prizes! Don't miss out.

Arrive by 8:00 to grab your favourite seats, snag some beer and eat some nachos. Introduction and FREE RAFFLE begins around 8:25 pm! Don't be late!

Presented by Modern Superior and hosted by KITCH.

229 Geary Ave, Toronto, Ontario

Video Vengeance #15 - BULLETPROOF - Free VHS Screening!

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