Versa is a unique audio/visual performance that will dazzle your eyes and ears.

Music created on a bass guitar is rendered visible as low-frequency sound traveling through water. Through the use of a custom-built speaker box, with tactile bass transducers, the physical patterns produced through the interaction of sound waves and water create psychedelic patterns and shapes that are projected onto the walls of Sherbourne Common’s zinc-clad pavilion. Guests will enjoy the chance to sprawl out on the park’s spacious lawn and take in a visual and auditory treat.

Versa is an audio/visual collaboration between process-based artist Monika Hauck and musician Alex Ricci.

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This FREE community event is presented through Waterfront Toronto's Animating Our Waterfront pilot program. The program facilitates individuals, collectives and organizations who wish to present free arts and culture programming in selected parks and public spaces in our city's waterfront neighborhoods.