UNIFICATION: The Open Air Edition

Unification is critical to the success of any social movement. The Organic Council of Ontario OCO is the primary force for unifying and coordinating the producers, processors, sellers and consumers of Organic food in Ontario.

This outdoor event will be held in the heart of Kensington market; a hub of conscious, ethical and sustainable food practices. The goal is to foster a network of producers, distributors, retailers and consumers across the province and promote responsible and healthy food habits here in our city.

There will be an abundance of the following:





There is no cost for participation. Speakers will fill your minds, musicians will fill your hearts, and vendors will fill your bellies, fueling the collective drive to become self-sufficient and conscious of our food security.

::::Discussion Topics::::

3pm: The Impact and Importance of Buying Local

4pm: Urban Farming

5pm: Organic Vs. GMO

6pm: Diet Talk

7pm: What can "I" do?

:::::Musical Guests::::

Eric Mandala


Fritz The Cat

Ankle MiX

Advizer Sounds

More details will emerge as the event approaches, so stay tuned :