TWM: Dick Rodan, Norway, 5th PROJEKT & Modern Sands at Gladstone Hotel

Round 2 at the Gladstone Hotel! Another 4 great acts coming your way starting with the criminally underrated guitar driven psych-gaze of Modern Sands leading into "One great kaleidoscopic orgy of sound' aka 5th PROJEKT before jumping into one of our favourites in the city the psychtastic Norway and closing it out the always fantastic Dick Rodan and their whiskey drenched rockin' country influenced tunes. Expand for full info etc:

Modern Sands: at 9:40:

Starting the night off is Modern Sands! This band blends influences from genres like shoegaze, psych, pop and noise and form a sound of their own. Now mind you the soundcloud recordings are on the more quite side but when I saw them live it was an intense guitar heavy experience. Bring ear plugs just in case!

5th PROJEKT: at 10:30:

This will actually be TWM's first show with 5th PROJEKT despite being a band we have followed for sometime. They have an experimental rock sound with psych elements but also a dark throwback alternative feel as well. Also known for a powerful live show you'd be wise not to miss.

Norway: at 11:25:

Back when Norway was just a baby of a band TWM did a bunch of shows with them. We loved the potential then and we love hearing it come into its own now. The band has developed a bit of a following with their renowned live show and guitar wizardry. We think it will showcase perfectly at our new spot at the Gladstone Hotel!

Dick Rodan: at 12:15:

Dick Rodan play that country music that packs more of a punch than a lot of self proclaimed punk bands and their fans will drink you under the table as well. These guys were truly one of -- if not -- the highlight of our NXNE package at Rancho Relaxo this year. Added bonus they have the greatest banjo player in Toronto Darren Eedens in the band. Worth staying out late for every time!

Where: Gladstone Hotel Main Ballroom

When: Saturday August 2nd

How Much: $8

Doors at 9 music at 9:40.

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TWM: Dick Rodan, Norway, 5th PROJEKT & Modern Sands at Gladstone Hotel

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