Turkish Rug Claire Coupland Ten Meter Band @ The Placebo Space

Come on out for a night of music and great hangs. First Friday back from school, with some of the most dashing folk you know, with some of the best beer prices in town. The music is OK, too.

Cover is $5.

Claire Coupland Music @ 9 pm

Claire Coupland

Ten Meter Band @10 pm

Justin See - Trumpet

Murray Heaton - Alto Sax

Savic Panylyk - Tenor Sax

Michael Murray - Guitar

Giovanni Campanelli - Keys

James Agostino - Drums

Andrew Phillips - Bass / Band Leader

Turkish Rug @ 11 pm

Michael Murray - Guitar

Milan Kozovski - Bass

James Agostino - Drums

Savic Panylyk's beard: 8 pm - eternity