Tuning In To Crystals

This workshop is the perfect Crystals 101 for anyone who is curious about healing stones, or who wants to get a little deeper in wokring with them. During our two hours together I will give you a great overview of how crystals work, what they can be used for and how to choose which crystals are best for you.

We will be going into detail about:

-how to use different crystals to bring healing into our lives

-how healing stones can help with everything from insomnia, to chronic lateness, to third eye opening, & more!

-different ways to charge/clear your crystals and why it is important to do so when using them to heal yourself or others

-go into detail about what our specific selection of crystals can bring into our lives.

-touch lightly on what crystal gridding is and how to use them​

This workshop has a take home package that includes a selection of crystals!

Tuning In To Crystals

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