TSA Walking Tour: Towers

Look up! Waaaay Up! And join us for a walk as we explore the history of Toronto’s skyscrapers!!

With 68 towers over 150m in height and 30 more currently under construction, Toronto is the skyscraper capital of Canada and the third in North America. But it wasn’t always like this – Toronto’s skyscraper history is only about 100 years old and continues to evolve to this day.

Join us on a walk through the financial district as we visit towers from each era of Toronto’s race to the sky, starting from some of the city’s earliest skyscrapers at the beginning of the 20th century all the way to glass giants currently under construction. At each stop we’ll talk about the technological innovations that made them possible, but also how each generation of architects dealt with the many questions this new building type presented – from how it should look to how it should meet the ground. Included in this tour of some of Toronto’s most iconic landmarks including Commerce Court North, the Toronto Dominion Centre, and – of course – the CN Tower.

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