TSA Walking Tour: North York City Centre

For Toronto’s suburbs, the 60s was a decade of unprecedented growth, change and possibility – and nowhere was this more evident than in the rapidly transforming North York. What not long before had been a mostly agricultural region dotted by small villages, North York had quickly evolved into the fourth-largest and fastest-growing municipality in the country. The young borough had big plans for its future – including a new vibrant downtown that would be a source of pride for its residents and a showcase of the ambitions and dreams of this burgeoning city.

Come join us on a walk as we explore the buildings and landscapes of North York City Centre, the unabashedly modern downtown created during the 70s, 80s and 90s. From High-Modernist interior streets to Post Modern spires, grand public spaces to award-winning buildings, join us as we explore the unique architectural and civic legacy of this planned core and share the stories behind its significant structures. Along the way we will discuss some of the challenges facing North York today, as well as the exciting proposals that promise to shape its future.

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