Trinity Bellwoods Bed In

The 50th Anniversary since the one day "Bed In' of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Toronto on May 25th, 1969 held at the King Edward hotel.

It is a representation to be able to rest in peace and to promote and give space to honour our collective vision that encompasses our whole. John and Yoko put a spot light on addressing conformitive violence and the need for no war but for peace to be present in one anothers hearts. Though John and Yoko are only two people of many who share this vision this Bed In is here to welcome all people from all walks of life to share these intentions and to express creatively to inspire this mission towards world peace.

The Big 50 which is a solid 5 in for representing of change and collective power in our physical realm.

Bring your blankets, pillows, picnics, art and drums to a day of wonderful entertainment and sharing under the boughs of the parks beautiful trees.

This is a guerilla gathering in the park that is people based. We will be there to support with healthy attitudes and sharing this festive experience. Keep in mind to be respectful and open minded.

FAMILY FRIENDLY so we will be insuring safe space to stay family friendly in content.

The Mic is OPEN for All Ages!!!
If you have a song, a poem ,quote or drawing you'd like to share there will be designated times where sign ups will perform between featured performances. If you wish to be a featured performer or have something to share please contact

Collective Art Space

Bring any art you wish to display.
Vibe Peace will be facillting a collective art space to create art together. They are a collective who have been engaged in the city of Toronto doing collectivism art over the past year. Their portfolio has so far over a 1000 people from TO who have waited together from all ages and diversities. The porfolio of pieces will also be out on display to continue the vibrations towards peace.
You are welcome to bring supplies to the art section if you'd like to donate anything as well.

There will be a chess board section available to play and interact. Of if you care to learn come an learn.
Some boards will be brought but if you have a board you can bring one to this section for games to be played.

If you can't make it or just have something creative and you'd like to share post on the wall. We would love to hear your PEACE.

The event will be free flowing throughout Trinity between the Trinity Bellwoods Drum Circle , Yoga sessions, Art Jams and open mic/featured performance.

PAJAMAS are highly suggested as it is a BED IN , friendly Vibes ,sharing ideas.and jamming out with our jam and bread.

Trinity Bellwoods Bed In

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