Trash Palace returns! Thurs Feb 19 at CineCycle - WATERMELON MAN!

The Trash Palace - "Toronto's Classiest Cinema" - proudly rises like a filmic phoenix! Banned from the Revue Cinema, come see our new home - Cine Cycle!

The 16mm film this month is WATERMELON MAN - directed by legend Melvin "Sweet Sweetback's Badaaaaaas Song" Van Peebles and starring Godfrey Cambridge as an extremely bigoted white man who finds out the hard and somewhat humorous way what it's like being a black man.

From imdb: "Melvin Van Peebles' big Hollywood film is a very smart, funny, and in the end tragic satire of race relations in America c. 1970. Today, it doesn't get nearly the hoopla that "Sweet Sweetback" does, but in a lot of ways it's a better movie. Biting satire is often a better way to express righteous anger than simply getting all righteous, and this is an example: under the laughs, this is a deeply angry film.

Godfrey Cambridge is magnificent in his two-tone role, and the supporting cast including a couple of routines by the great Mantan Moreland is also very fine. The rage underpinning the whole story doesn't find full, overt expression until the very last scene, which presages Van Peebles' leap into more obviously black revolutionary politics in "Sweetback." A very good, very funny, important film that deserves to be much better known today than it is."

This is the film we've chosen for Black History Month, and we'd love to see you at our new digs!

Cinecycle is located in an alley between Richmond and Adelaide on Spadina. The address is 129 Spadina, but I don't remember the number being listed on the building. Just look for the door saying "Work To Rule" painted on it - that's the place! A bike repair shop during the day, Cinecycle is an underground event space going back years and years. If you've been, you know how perfect it is as a venue for us. And if you haven't, just wait til you see it! We're going back to the beginning kids! 'Cold drinks!' Hot dogs! Candy! Popped corn! Why, we'll even be premiering our new membership cards!

The venue seats 70 people. Bathrooms for women and men. Smooth tunes during reel changes. Intermissions. Shorts before and after the feature!

Trash Palace at CineCycle

129 Spadina - look for the Work To Rule graffitti

Doors 8:30 pm, films 9:30 pm

Admission $10

See you Friday gang!

Stacey Case and The Mouth

Trash Palace founders

Trash Palace returns! Thurs Feb 19 at CineCycle - WATERMELON MAN!

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