Transience , Diaspora, Bodies & Land

Show Runs: Jan 25 - Feb 6, 2015

Join us for a juried group show featuring three women artists (Mina Ao, Ella Cooper, Nicole Little) whose visual and photo-based work offer contemporary Canadian explorations of transience, diaspora, land and the body

Featured works are described by the artist as follows:

Mina Ao

Winds of Change - “During the cherry blossom season, I become very sensitive to wind, my heart trembles in the softest breeze. When I see wind in the trees, my mind is on the drifting petals. Wind is one of the elements in these photographs. When the branches sway in the wind, my camera sways with them. Other times I stay still, and let wind sketch the image. In the sea of cherry blossoms, change is happening, petal by petal. The wind of change is here. I do not know where it will take us to yet, but I believe the future is in the air. I wonder where the petals, which fate moves along with the wind, will be drifting to.”

Ella Cooper

Selected works from BODY LAND IDENTITY, a photographic series, video installation and empowerment project that investigates representations of the Black female body and women of the African diaspora in the Canadian landscape . This collaborative national project was created by artist, Ella Cooper, in collaboration with four inter-generational groups of women of Canadian African/Caribbean descent from Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. Body Land Identity focuses on creating positive representations of Black women set against quintessentially Canadian landscapes, where ‘land’ serves as a metaphorical representation of national identity, dominant society, earth/environment, First Nations territories and the place of Black women within it.

Featured works by : Sedina Fiati, Whitney French, Keiron Lyn, Idel Mire, Vanessa Richards, Ruby Tierra Negra, Suritah Wignall, Dorla Harris, Josiane A Anthony, Diane Roberts, Michelle M Walker and other participants from Body Land Identity project.

Nicole Little

Buses and subways are my studio. This is where I honed my drawing skills and this is where I find my most inspiring subjects . Recently, I have been drawing travellers on maps, inviting the viewer to share the sense of location we feel as we chug through traffic or zoom through the underground.

Transience , Diaspora, Bodies & Land

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