Toronto Tea Festival

Tea has become a healthy choice for Canadians. Many are switching over from coffee to tea due to all the possible health benefits that have been reported in publications across the world.

Last year they had over 3000 attendees and 46 exhibitors at their two day Tea Festival.

Whether you are a newbie or an aficionado of tea culture, the 6th annual Toronto Tea Festival will enable you to discover the world of tea from the traditional to the trendy.

You will be able to sample hundreds of teas and learn from experts in the industry at one of the complimentary presentations. Taste a variety of teas uniquely and exquisitely prepared by exhibitors. Note how the flavours may differ depending upon place of origin, processing techniques, and preparation styles. They'll be testing your tea IQ if you care to meet the challenge.

Shop for all your favourite teawares, teas, and related products. Experience the event to the fullest by engaging with the exhibitors and learning about all things tea.

They look forward to having you join them on February 3 & 4, 2018 at the Toronto Reference Library.

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