Toronto Fringe Festival 2018

Ontario’s largest theatre festival, showcasing 160 plays at 45 venues, and free events at the Fringe Patio at Scadding Court.

Inspired by the worldwide fringe movement, Toronto Fringe was founded by a cluster of local indie artists in 1989 to offer the “fringes” of the performing arts community a platform to create art at a grassroots level. It’s theatre by the people, for the people.

Since then, the Toronto Fringe Festival has become the largest theatre festival in Ontario, showcasing 150+ productions every July at 30+ venues around downtown Toronto. But throughout its three decades of growth, Fringe has kept the indie, grassroots spirit alive. Fringe keeps ticket prices lower than any other arts festival in the city, at $12, because we believe everyone should be able to afford to see theatre.

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