Toronto Circling Weekend immersion

Are you longing to get more real with people, feel deep connection and uncover the essence of who you are?

Circling is an incredibly powerful, new and fast growing practice that raises the bar for what is possible in relationship, personal growth and self-realization.

-- So what is Circling exactly? --

It essentially involves brining a deeper presence with each other in a supportive container, so you feel safe to be yourself, take some risks, and really feel the impact of being in authentic relationship.

By connecting with one another in the present moment - like an interpersonal meditation - Circling allows you to...

- Feel the deep nourishment of being seen for who you are.

- Create rich and intimate connections with new friends and in existing relationships

- Highlight your relational blind-spots and the ways you're not being yourself

- Reveal your latent talents and inherent goodness

We truly believe it to be a paradigm-busting practice, and consistently see people having experiences of connection and self understanding they never thought were possible.

Watch this video to hear people share their experiences in their own words...

-- Want to come and join us? --

You don't need any special training or experience, simply a desire to dive in, get real and expect the unexpected.

Just click the below link to register..

We hope to see you there,

John and Sean


Here's what our friend and the creator of Circling says...

I could attempt to describe how these guys do this, however, all attempts could never explain the miracles they pull off. All I can say is if you spend any time with them, youll come out of that relational event living in an entirely different world. These guys simply LIVE the EMBODIMENT of what you're about to experience!

Guy Sengstock

Early-bird Price: $345 CAD pay before Aug 15th

Full Ticket Price: $395 CAD.

Location: Bavia Arts Studio

898b St. Clair Ave West.

2nd floor

Dates & Times:

Sept 13th 10.30-8

Sept 14th 10.30-5.30

Any questions, please email