Toronto Art Heist

Toronto’s Art Heist will take you and your Team to 16 locations across the downtown core, where you will need to decipher clues to guide you to pieces of art hidden in plain sight, find The Professor who will be lurking nearby & take a picture of him (hidden portrait with an embedded QR Code) and finally answering a skill testing question about the piece of art before solving your next clue and moving on to save the next piece of art!

Toronto Art Heist is a real world, art themed scavenger hunt that will take participants on a 10km tour of Toronto’s downtown core. The Professor’s Art Heist will be stopped by using an app on their smartphone and solving all 48 challengers. This event is a great way for people to get outdoors, enjoy a walking tour of the city and discover 16 pieces of art and historical sites that are hidden in plain sight.

Toronto needs YOU and your TEAM to decipher the clues The Professor has left behind, find the 16 pieces of art and catch him in the act before it’s too late!