Tintinnabule at WeeFestival 2023

Tintinnabule by Emmanuelle Lizère -Tigouli

The ringing of tiny bells, the singing of large silver bowls and the resonance of cello strings mix with melodies of today and yesterday in this concert for infants and their caregivers. The young babies move freely on a comfy carpet while Tigouli plays and improvises in this extended musical moment full of softness and connection.

For ages 0 - 15 months

Fri June 2 10h, 11h15, 13h and 14h30

Sat June 3 10h, 11h15, 13h and 14h30

Sun June 4 10h, 11h15, 13h and 14h30

Performances are 35 minutes with a relaxed ending. Audience Capacity: 12 babies + up to 2 caregivers

All performances are at Small World Music

About WeeFestival

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