This Friday - DEATH WEEKEND - penultimate trash!

Ladies, gentlemen, etc,

It's down to the nitty gritty - only two more picture shows left at the little theatre that could. And tonight is my final contribution to Trash Palace lore - appropriately enough, a classic in the annals of Canadian sleaze!

DEATH WEEKEND is a 1976 film by William Fruet, whose previous films included the legendary GOIN' DOWN THE ROAD as writer and the world's most depressing film, WEDDING IN WHITE. Gatekeeper-certified, 'legitimate' Canadiana.

For this one, though, he went for the brass ring - a commercial contender in the international theatrical market, backed up by John Dunning and Andre Link of Cinepix as well as co-producer Ivan Reitman, in a lull between early Cronenberg hits. And the result is a smart, scary and compelling film, one of the best Canadian genre films of the 70s.

Chuck Shamata plays a rich SOB facing off against redneck angel of vengeance Don Stroud in the arena of luxury Shamata's summer home. But Brenda Vaccaro is shot by both sides, in a great performance as a smart, independent woman on the run from the predations of these angry, entitled dudes. Eventually she is obliged to KICK ASS.

In fact, the performances are universally strong, the themes are distinct and intelligently presented, and the film is as finely crafted as a drive-in double bill with LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT can realistically be.

Not a pleasant stroll, this flick is strong stuff, intense and uncompromising, with a twist near the end that may have you cheering or tearing your hair out! See it with a date you love - or a whole theatre full of loveable trashophiles!

Trash Palace remains, for a limited time only, 89B Niagara Street. Tickets are $5 at the door, which opens at 8:30 for the 9:30 show. The snack bar is 'fully loaded', as is the fridge, and door prizes, soon-to-be-collectible merchandise, rapidly disappearing decor, and his-and-hers places of urination are yours to enjoy until they disappear into the temporal ether of's been a blast dudes.


Trash Palace gold watch inspector

This Friday - DEATH WEEKEND - penultimate trash!

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