The Vaudevillian, Carrine, Morality Players - $10

You Will Hear some Cool Music, but Damned if I can Describe it to you

This is one of those bills, that I hope you take a chance and ten bucks on. It's been a good while since I've gotten the Morality Players back in here, and I'm real excited to have The Vaudevillian and Carrine sharing the bill as well.

We're going to start the night off, like a fevered dream through Tom Waits LSD mind with The Morality Players, before we get a bit more traditional and bring the roaring twenties a century forward with The Vaudevillian. After that, we're gonna put the guitar amps on stage, turn it up to eleven and collectively rock the fuck out for the rest of the night.

Sounds like a pretty badass Thursday to me.

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The Vaudevillian, Carrine, Morality Players - $10

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