The Music Gallery presents Battle Trance and King Weather

The Music Gallery kicks off its season with the first show in our new Departures series. Curator Tad Michalak introduces us to a tornado of four titanic tenor saxophonists whose resumés include stints with Tune-Yards, Little Women and Tim Berne.

Battle Trance had an auspicious inception. One morning, Travis Laplante literally awoke with the crystal clear vision that he needed to start an ensemble with three specific individuals: Matthew Nelson, Jeremy Viner, and Patrick Breiner. Laplante was actually unfamiliar with their work as musicians and had only a minimal relationship with them as individuals. He was also aware that a band of four tenor saxophones could be the worst idea ever. In spite of this, Laplante followed through and contacted Nelson, Viner, and Breiner. He gave them very little information beyond his morning experience. But no one hesitated - the ensemble formed that evening.

Their debut album, Palace of Wind, is brand new, having been released in summer 2014. Existing in the cracks between contemporary classical music, avant-garde jazz, black metal, ambient, and world music, Palace of Wind is an album-length composition that pushes the four saxophonists to the limit, shedding new light on the saxophone as an ensemble instrument. However, Palace of Wind isn’t merely concerned with demonstrating the virtuosity of the ensemble, nor with impressing or entertaining the listener. Instead, it is meant to be a portal of resonance where there is no separation between the listener and the sound.




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The Music Gallery presents Battle Trance and King Weather

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