The MUFF Society TO: Tank Girl

Lobby Fun: 8:00 PM

Film: 9:00 PM

Tickets: $10!!!!!!

Lock up your sons and listen up because we're only going to tell you this once. We're not some bed time story ladies, alright? (But, like, if you needed to you go back over and read it again. That's cool.) We wanted to do something BIG for our July screening and we couldn't think of anything more explosive for our July screening than Rachel Talalay's TANK GIRL. For obvious reasons.

TANK GIRL (1995) is based on the graphic novel of the same name and stars Lori Petty (yesss), Naomi Watts (yesssss), Malcom McDowell (yesssssss), and Ice-T as a mutant kangaroo (wait, what? Eh, alright: yessssss).

This movie has everything you could ever want in a post-apocalyptic fight for water and freedom: Monopoly (but Lori Petty gets to be the shoe), tea and crumpets, absolutely mind-blowing fashions, and one fucking hell of a tank. Talalay and her crew (including Catherine Hardwicke as Production Designer!) brought the comic to life in a way that we can't even begin to describe—you just have to come to the screening. Sorry, not sorry, no way around it. The visuals are absolutely astounding. And you haven't seen anything until you've seen a crew of mutant kangaroos kicking ass against an army of baddies (in the dark because they work better in the dark, like Count Chocula, duh).

So we'll see you there? Like we even have to ask. TO THE BAT TANK!

As usual, we will have a photobooth, a themed MUFFtail, limited-edition buttons, and awesome prizes to give away! Our monthly Mini MUFF selection will be SUITE SPOT from local writer/director Alexandra Cananzi, who proudly states, "If it doesn't have explosions, it's not worth making."

A big thank you to our MUFF Friends & sponsors of this event: Carlton Cinema, Cinefilles, The Beguiling, and The Candy Bar. Check our FB event closer to the event for more sponsor announcements.

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The MUFF Society TO: Tank Girl

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